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Longarm Quilting

Hi!  I’m Jenn’s mom, Kathy.  I love helping her and her students finish their beautiful quilts.  I use a Grace Q’Nique 21X Elite longarm, named Priscilla, to do computerized quilting. This gives your quilt improved durability through regulated stitching, precision tension and computerized accuracy for a quilt that will last for years to come.  

Do you happen to have a stack of unfinished quilt tops just waiting to be finished? There are many ways to go about finishing your quilt – old fashioned hand quilting, straight line machine quilting, free motion machine quilting or finish it professionally with longarm quilting services. That’s where I can help!

Priscilla is programmed with intricate edge to edge quilting designs to give your quilt the perfect finish.  There are hundreds of quilting designs to choose from to give your quilt a unique, professional finish that you will love.  Longarm quilting pantographs can vary from a simple meander to detailed designs like swirly paisleys, beautiful florals, scattered leaves or special holiday or occasion designs.  No matter what pattern you select, my longarm quilting services will surely give your quilt a special final touch.  

So, thank you for trusting me with your beautiful quilt top. Below is a gallery of some of the work I have done, instructions for preparing your quilt for longarm services and my services pricing.  I promise to treat your quilt with care from the moment it arrives to the final stitch.  


Quilt Gallery


I offer first-time customers a 10% discount on your first quilt and through the loyalty program you will receive a 10% discount on every 10th quilt.

Students of Around the Block receive a 10% discount on their class quilts.

Minimum fee per quilt is $65. Fees for smaller projects, such as table runners will be determined at the longarm consultation.

Longarm fee is $0.025 per square inch for standard pantographs (edge to edge designs). For more densely quilted pantograph designs, long arm fees start at $0.03 per square inch. 

These fees include standard batting and thread.

Additional Fees 

Squaring customer provided backing $10

Pressing customer provided backing $15

Piecing customer provided 45” wide fabric for backing and squaring $15

Piecing customer provided 45” wide fabric for backing with a matching pattern and squaring $25

Pressing quilt top $15

Clipping threads on the top and/or back of quilt top $25

Squaring the quilt after quilting (ready for binding) $15

Additional layer of 80/20 batting $10

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks and quilts are completed on a first come/first served basis. Rush fee for any quilt required in less than 2 weeks is $50 in addition to the overall cost of long arming. Quilts are trimmed when removed from the long arm with 1” backing and batting border on all sides – all trimmed fabric and batting will be returned to the customer.  



Kathy L. Bushart, Quilter. "Making Memories Stitched With Love". 2569 Creek Road, Palmyra, NY 14522. 315-576-5054.